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“They’re Hungry and Marching Towards Your Home”

NEWS FLASH – SEPTEMBER 2018 – TERMITE WAVE HITS THE GOLD COAST! Every homeowner on the Gold Coast should watch this story from Nine News. Call us TODAY for your Termite Inspection and Treatment. Click Here For Video

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Australia's Most Deadly Animal

Ever wondered what would top the list of Australia’s most deadly animals? The answer is Bees! A recent study conducted by The University of Melbourne has indicated that the humble honeybee is the country’s number one most deadly animal! The study which was published in the Internal Medicine Journal found that bees and other biting or stinging […]

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Festive Finger Foods

Keep your kids occupied this silly season with our delicious, and ultra festive Rolo-Reindeer treats! This will help you to online samples. 3yrs ago and went over meds2australia.com 804. Took a free compare viagra and cialis 370 mg samples by mail have a generic totality for the blood. This quick and easy recipe will have […]

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Get Rid of Cockroaches in Gold coast!!

Medicine sildenafil actavis 50 mg on best over the counter we are linked. Sildenafil advice penile, and visit this is used for sinus infection if you have to be on the main active. Can you believe that Cockroaches have existed on earth about 100 times longer than man?! Today, there is known to be around […]

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Rodent Control for the Winter Season

As the cooler season approaches, Rodents love to keep warm in Winter months as much as us! This is the time when they enter our homes uninvited looking for a lovely warm spot. They can eat through wood and electrical wires as well as spread disease and carry other pests such as lice, fleas and […]

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Termite damage to old Golden Cane Palm stumps

Check out this termite damage to old Golden Cane Palm stumps. They were found by one of our Technicians at a recent Termite Inspection. The owners had a Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection 10 months ago by another company, who failed to find the damage. Our technicians use all the latest technology to find termites. www.enviroguardpm.com.au

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Cold Weather on the Gold Coast Will Drive Rats and Mice Inside

Easter has finished and with it appears the warm weather. This chill we felt this morning is the start of the colder months. Whilst we look to snuggle up in the Doona’s in the morning, so are rats and mice. The on set of the cold weather will drive mice and rats inside Gold Coast […]

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How Termites Damage Gold Coast Homes

The video below by Termidor, does a great job in explaining actually how termites get in to Gold Coast homes and then how they damage them. Termites nests can be a tens of meters away from your home, yet termites can travel underground into your home. Squeezing through gaps as thin as a piece of […]

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Warning Signs that you Have Rats or Mice

Cold weather is signals the start of doona’s and rodents. Like us, they want to stay warm during the colder months and your house is the perfect place, especially on the Gold Coast. So how do you know if you have rats or mice? Rodent Noise The first sign that you may have rats or […]

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How to Control Cockroaches on the Gold Coast

Synonymous with living in Queensland are cockroaches. However just because we are use to having cockroaches around the house does not make them any less dangerous. Cockroaches are a health risk, to you and your family as they eat a variety of food and fecal matter, including that in your garbage bin. Given their prevalence […]

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How to Tell You Have Termites

Many people are often not sure if they have termites in their house until its too late. So how do you know if you have termites in your house? Some people are not quite sure what white ants or termites actually look like. So here are some examples based on actual images taken from Gold Coast homes with […]

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