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Australia's Most Deadly Animal

Ever wondered what would top the list of Australia’s most deadly animals? The answer is Bees!


A recent study conducted by The University of Melbourne has indicated that the humble honeybee is the country’s number one most deadly animal!

The study which was published in the Internal Medicine Journal found that bees and other biting or stinging insects such as wasps had contributed to a list of 42,000 hospitalisations.

Of the 42,000 hospitalisation, bees and wasp stings accounted for 33% of hospital admissions, followed by spider bites (30%), and snake bites (15%).

Overall, there were sixty-four deaths recorded, with more than half of these deaths caused by an allergic reaction to an insect bite that caused anaphylactic shock.

If you would like to know more about this story, please continue reading on the Sydney Morning Herald website.

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