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Termite Management Solutions


Effective Termite Management Systems

Enviro Guard Pest Management offers effective, long-term termite management solutions against termite erosion and infestation. Our selection of non-toxic and eco-friendly termite solutions are proven to exterminate termite infestations.

All of our termite products and treatments are:
 Safety Certified under the Australian Pest Management Standards
 Thoroughly tested by our pest control technicians to ensure that you’re receiving the highest quality treatment available to you.

2-Step Treatment Plans

Enviro Guard’s termite treatment plan works in two steps;

  1. Firstly we treat the infestation from spreading further throughout your property.
  2. Then we use professional prevention techniques to stop re-infestation with baiting and barrier technologies.

Our Termite treatments are conducted using several different professional techniques to ensure that your unwanted guests won’t return.

Our preventative measures currently include:

  • Chemical Treatments
  • Physical Barriers
  • Combination of both chemical & physical treatments

Treatment Types

Benefits of Chemical Barriers

Even though timber used for construction is often treated with chemicals, pressure locked, and vacuum-sealed, termites will still try their hand at eroding way your property. To best eradicate your termite infestation, we use a spray method that terminates the entire colony once a singular termite has introduced the chemical to the nest.

Benefits of Physical Barriers

Did you know? Termites can travel up to 100m underground to get into your property! Since most termite-related damage occurs from subterranean termites, preventative measures rely heavily on the establishment of physical barriers to stop the termites getting into the premises from the underlying soil. In this case, we use baiting systems to stop the termites from traveling into your property.

How long do treatments last?

Our chemical sprays can last from 4 to 10 years, and our external barriers from 2 to 6 years depending on the climate, soil conditions, and soil disturbance.

New Construction Termite Prevention

Enviro Guard Pest Management services new buildings and construction sites to ensure that no evidence of termite activity is present before and after you build.

Building design can have a large impact on the chance of termite infestation and related damages, hence why new age construction plans are required by authorities to incorporate a strategy to reduce the likelihood of termite infestation. This doesn’t mean that you can rule out the chance of infestation, as any building that is constructed with timber materials or encompasses a concrete slab with exposed edges is still at risk.

Preventative measures are easily applied during the construction of new buildings, however, some methods of prevention such as stainless steel mesh or a layer of granite chips, for example, are often not suitable for existing buildings and structures.

We treat new constructions using integrated barriers of Termicide sprays with chemically treated layers of soil beneath the building and around the footings, pipes, conduits, and other features of the building to create a vertical barrier.

Termite Identification

Check out our termite identification and characteristic chart to get a better idea of termite activity around your property.

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