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Lice are similar to fleas in character, as they are small blood-sucking parasites that are predominantly found living on birds, using them as their host, and subsequently around the nest.

Lice typically prefer birds over humans as their host, however, they have been known to infest large urban areas such as the Gold Coast.

Lice Treatment and Pricing

Treating lice infestations can be tricky and we advise that one of our experienced technicians come out to your premises and assess the situation before handing over a final price or treatment plan.

See our pricing page for other pest control treatment prices.

Lice Identification

bird lice

  • Body length measures around 1/8 of an inch or smaller
  • Colour varies from tan and brown to creamy white
  • Different types of body shape depending on species – usually flea-like in appearance
  • Reside on birds and around their nests

Types of Lice

There are many different species of lice, each of which prefers a certain species of bird host. On poultry farms, lice can infest an entire population of birds, as well as the barns and people that work with the birds. A more common urban scenario is that birds such as pigeons and sparrows migrate and nest inside and on top of buildings. Once their host leaves, the lice will crawl down inside of the building to find another host.

Tips for control

Lice may be discovered inside of a building in search of a new host. This situation is best handled by Enviro Guard Pest Management, as correctly identifying the species of louse will determine the appropriate pest management treatment. To prevent lice infestation, bird activity around the building must be eliminated where they either perch or nest. These areas often require treatment to eliminate any wandering lice.

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