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Bed Bugs

‘Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!’ – A disturbing, yet truthful saying we’re all familiar with.

Bed bugs are blood-sucking parasites that are commonly found in your beds, couches, and around the bedroom area.

Many hotels and guest apartments have had unfortunate occurrences with such pests, as humans act as a traveling host for these creatures. This means that if you’ve stayed in an infested room, you are now a traveling host, scattering the bugs everywhere you go!

Treatment Types and Pricing

Bed bugs have proven to be one of the most difficult pests to eliminate, and therefore professional help is always required.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical solutions are a thing of the past, as they do not effectively kill bed bugs in one single treatment and often require several visits and many unwanted chemicals to knock them dead.

Heat Treatment

Enviro Guard Pest Management are proud providers of non-toxic and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments.

We are heat treatment pioneers in the South-East corner, providing successful treatments for bed bug infestations. Our heat treatments leave your property free of bed bugs, bed bug eggs, bed bug larvae, chemicals, and smelling fresh!

In any case of infestation, successful bed bug control heavily relies on experience in treating affected areas with vacuum and heat treatment solutions.


Pricing is unique to the room/s being treated due to the nature of the infestation and size of the room. If you would like a free inspection and quote for your property, please call us on 1300 669 092.

How It Works


Benefits of heat treatment include:

  •   Kills bed bugs and other insects in one treatment!
  •   100% effective with no development of resistance
  •   Minimal downtime – The room is available straight after treatment!
  •   Discreet method – Safe, quiet and easy to operate.
  •   Eliminates all life stages including eggs and larvae
  •   Excellent for heavily infested locations
  •   No pesticides in sensitive areas
  •   No residue build up
  •   No odours or fumes
  •   Intense heat penetrates into small cracks and crevices
  •   Steady but gentle heating up and cooling down periods
  •   No need to remove electronic devices, furniture, mattresses, fabrics, etc.
  •   D2K – Diatomaceous Earth applied after treatment provides non-toxic residual protection


bed bug

  • Oval shaped bug
  • Measures ¼ inch in length
  • Reddish brown colour
  • A bed bug bite is usually painless and the bite wound may show minor swelling, followed by a bump and itching.

Infestation Tactics

When a bed bug population becomes large or their host becomes scarce, they will crawl into other locations within a house to feed. These pesky little parasites will also travel with you in your luggage and furniture to ensure they’re still being fed. This means that if you live in an apartment block, you are at risk of infestation from neighboring apartments.


Beg bugs deposit eggs into small cracks of a bed frame, mattress seams, baseboards, doorframes, window frames, carpets, cracked walls, or nearby furniture. Bed bugs and their nymphs hide in these cracks and await nightfall to crawl into bed with you and feed.

Tips For Control

If you’re moving home, it is recommended that you inspect your current furniture before transferring it to a new location on the chance that you may be harboring bed bugs.

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