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The Posh Pest

Silverfish are common household pests that are well known for chomping into your clothes, paperwork, wallpaper, glue, books, cereals, rayon fabrics, and other starchy products.

They are quite similar to cockroaches in both appearance and characteristics, as they can live for several months without food, which makes them difficult to eradicate.

Silverfish Treatment and Pricing

Treatment Types

To best treat silverfish infestations we offer an all-inclusive General Pest Control package which effectively eliminates Silverfish, Cockroaches, Ants, and Webbing Spiders – all in one go!

Our General Pest Control service comes with a work warranty, which means if you’re not 100% satisfied we’ll come back free of charge*.


General Pest Control Pricing (Silverfish Treatment)

  • Units/Apartments – from $120
  • 3 Bedroom House – from $189

See our pricing page for more information on treatment costs.

Silverfish Identification


  • Body length measures around 2cm
  • Long tail filaments
  • Light brown or yellowish brown in colour
  • Covered by smooth, silvery scales


The ideal habitat for Silverfish is the dark, moist, and cool places in your home – especially your bathroom and basement areas. These cockroach like creatures are nocturnal, which means they are not often active during the day.

Large numbers of Silverfish may be found in new buildings where the masonry is still damp, and because Silverfish seek moisture, they are frequently found trapped in sinks and bathtubs. You will also find these pests in bookcases, closets, door frames, behind skirting boards, and around window frames.

If you’re moving house, ensure that your belongings are not currently infested with Silverfish, which means checking your clothes, books, work papers, and cardboard transportation boxes.

Tips for Control

To best eliminate Silverfish infestations within your property, simply diminish their food sources by throwing away old paperwork, donating or selling unused clothing and shoes, and tossing old craft products.

You can also prevent Silverfish from infesting the dark, damp parts of your house by using appropriate surface sprays and lining your clothes draws with anti-silverfish and moth balls. To completely eradicate your Silverfish problem, call Enviro Guard Pest Management.

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