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Did you know? Over 42% of all mammal species belong to the rodent family!

Many of the species live in close proximity to human activity, which is not so beneficial for people, as these rodents consume large quantities of stored goods and spread diseases.

Rodents have also had a large influence on human history and endeavour, with 62 native rodent species and 3 introduced species currently residing in Australia. However, only seven of these species cause major problems.

Rodent Treatment and Pricing

Treatment Types

To effectively treat rodents such a mice and rats, baiting stations can be place in areas of concern. Each baiting station requires a follow-up visit to refill the stations and eliminate rodents for good.


Rodent Baiting Station Pricing

  • 3 Baiting Stations – $150
  • Extra Stations – $50 each.

See our pricing page for more information on treatment costs.

Rodent Identification


  • Small, furry, four-legged mammal
  • Come in variety of colours depending on species – usually brown, black and grey
  • Reside in both natural and suburban areas – Usually in houses, commercial buildings, sewers, trees, underground, and anywhere else close to food sources
  • Can be semi-aquatic with webbed feet for swimming
  • Build networks of burrows
  • All rodents have a pair of razor-sharp front teeth – To open a wide variety of food sources


The typical life span of a rodent in the natural environment is between 4 and 12 months. Their high reproductive rate allows them to quickly repopulate and generate plagues.

A female rodent will usually have a pregnancy lasting only three weeks and can mate the day after they give birth. Their babies will mature around six weeks old and can climb almost any surface. Some rodents are colour blind and use their great sense of smell and their whiskers for navigation.

Potential Damage

Of the 65 species of rodent living in Australia, only seven are known to cause major damage to agriculture and infrastructure. These seven species have been known to damage entire agricultural crops, taint stored products, ruin structural components of houses and commercial buildings, cause electrical fires by chewing through cables, and spread disease.

However, not all rodent species are bad, and many rodents play an important role in keeping our ecosystem functioning. For example, rodents can help to disperse spores of fungi, which help plants to extract nutrients and water from the soil, as well as playing an important role in the food chain.

Fun Fact: Rats have effectively aided in controlling outbreaks of mice plagues on farms throughout Australia, which has saved many farmers a massive financial loss.

Tips for Control

To effectively control the impact of rodents in your property, the simplest method is to reduce their habitat, which includes nesting sites and food sources. Early intervention is very important in controlling rodent infestation, and rodent traps and baits can be an effective method of control.

If you do find that you have more than just one rodent on your property, you may way to call Enviro Guard Pest Management as soon as possible to eliminate their chances of rapidly breeding and overpopulating your property.

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