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Cold Weather on the Gold Coast Will Drive Rats and Mice Inside

Easter has finished and with it appears the warm weather.

This chill we felt this morning is the start of the colder months.

Whilst we look to snuggle up in the Doona’s in the morning, so are rats and mice.

The on set of the cold weather will drive mice and rats inside Gold Coast properties, as like the local residents the are here for the warmth.

Rats and mice inside you home are not only unsightly they can cause illness and serious property damage.

Your home to them is like a palace, a ner ending wonderland of opportunity for rest, nesting, raising their young and most all food.

Do you have rats and mice? – to look out for are droppings, hearing noise in the walls or roof.

The most important thing though is to get in early. Leave it too long and well – it could turn in too the Q1 for rats.

If you not sure or your want us to have a look contact us at Enviro Guard Pest Management – the Gold Coast’s Pest Control specialists.

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