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Do you have a pest problem? Enviro Guard Pest Management is here to help! You can have complete confidence and peace of mind that we’ll get the job done the first time around with our team of friendly and professional pest experts. We proudly service both residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast and surrounding areas, all the way from Brisbane to Byron Bay.

Enviro Guard Your Property

As urban development expands into previously unoccupied woodlands and scrub areas, homes and commercial complexes face an unforeseen threat of pest infestation. The majority of these pest’s presence go largely unnoticed until you begin to develop nasty allergies, or the infestation has spread substantially and becomes untreatable with common household pest control solutions. When home solutions just won’t do, Enviro Guard will be there for you!

Why Choose Enviro Guard Pest Management?

Our highly experienced and accredited team has seen it all! It’s an unfortunate but common occurrence in our local area that we witness termite infestations tear through properties, eating them right down to the very foundations. Although termites pose a structural threat, other common household pests such as rodents, fleas, bed bugs, and ticks can carry diseases, cause allergies, and in extreme cases, be potentially fatal. If you own pets, your home is at higher risk of pest infestation, however, we offer many family and pet-friendly solutions to cure your home of pest problems. We truly understand the need to protect your property, big or small.

We Offer Non-toxic Pest Solutions!

Enviro Guard Pest Management offers a wide range of specialised services to proficiently treat your pest problem. Our experienced team understands that the last thing you want is to fill your home with toxic fumes, therefore we don’t use invasive chemicals, instead opting for cleaner, greener and eco-friendly solutions. Our non-toxic and environmentally friendly treatments also ensure your safety during the occupation of the premise, both during and after pest control treatment. From natural remedies to non-toxic chemical treatments, we’ll put you back in control of your property.

Experience and Professionalism

Our controlled services are backed by years of experience and feasible pest management solutions. We approach each case individually after a thorough examination of the problem, and therefore we can achieve positive results time after time.

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