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Enviro Guard Pest Management is proudly supporting commercial and residential customers in the Gold Coast region… but we are also happy to travel anywhere between Byron Bay and South Brisbane. Call us with your unique location, and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

How can Enviro Guard help?

With cities and suburbs expanding into wooded areas and previously unoccupied lands, homes and commercial complexes face an unusual threat: pests. They come in various types and sizes, and in some cases, you may not realize their presence till you develop allergies or till the infestation has spread substantially. To combat infestations of any size caused by any pest, Enviro Guard offers a range of services from natural remedies to non toxic chemical treatments.

Enviro Guard provides the leading Gold Coast pest control services. From ants and lice to rodents and cockroaches, we are dedicated towards eliminating the threat of pests and infestations in your property. Too often, we’ve seen a termite infestation tear through a property shaking it down to its very foundation and we understand the need to protect your home or office against such unforseen threats.

It’s not just a termite infestation that can harm you either: rodents, Fleas and other disease infested pests can harm you or your family causing severe allergies, or in extreme cases, life threatening illnesses.

With a good knowledge of precise measures to defend a property against them and infestations, Enviro Guard has served hundreds of households and commercial establishments in the Gold Coast successfully.

Experience and expertise

Our pest controller services are backed with years of experience in the industry. We approach each infestation after a thorough examination and with a feasible plan in hand. Our Gold coast Rodent Control team understand that the last thing you want to do is fill your home with toxic fumes, so we steer clear of such invasive and toxic procedures opting instead for clean and Eco friendly solutions. This makes your property safe for occupation even while our treatment is underway.

Fleas are definitely a bane and once it enters your household it is difficult to eliminate it completely without the intervention of professional pest management services. And for flea control Gold Coast, if you engage our services, after a detailed inspection, we devise a complete process wherein we use safe, non-toxic products to aid in the flea control services.

Infestations cannot be controlled using cheap products or DIY kits; they need to be treated by professionals to ensure you keep them at bay. If you are looking for efficient and cost effective services in the Gold Coast, Enviro Guard can help you dispense them with even the most commonly ignored or hard-to-spot pests like silverfish, bed bugs, spiders, ants, borers, fleas and lice.

We, at Enviro Guard, are a close knit team with all our employees following our vision towards customer friendly services. In fact, our business is rooted in the unfailing belief that customer satisfaction should be the end result. Consequently, in your best interest, we offer fully insured and licensed services, which also allow us the freedom to execute our work flawlessly.

Rodent Control and Flea Control


A recent CSIRO survey found that one in 3 homes will be attacked by termites every year!
Will one of those be your home or property?


If you own your home or investment property, it can be a huge worry knowing your property could be damaged without your knowledge. Once discovered, termite damage may not be covered by your building insurance forcing you to pay for the repairs. Depending on how long the termites have been active and the extent of damage, the repair bill could be large.


Termite can tunnel up to 100m from their nest, termites don’t just eat wood they also eat materials like cardboard and drywall lining. Your home provides food, warmth and moisture that termite need to survive.


Step One

Termite Inspections are regarded as the most effective way of reducing your long term risk of termite infestation and protecting your home or property against termites.

You should engage a professional pest management company such as Enviro Guard Pest Management to carry out your termite inspections.

Step Two

Based on the results of the termite inspection, your pest controller (Enviro Guard Pest Management) will discuss the control options available and recommend the best strategy for your home or property.

Step Three

Decide on a preventative strategy that will stop termite before they start causing damage to your home or property. If termite infestation has been discovered, you will need to decide on a treatment strategy for the effective treatment of termites, this is where the experts Enviro Guard Pest Management should be called for consultation of the best way to treat your problems.


Please ask your Enviro Guard Pest Management Gold coast representative or technician about the Timber Secure Insurance Policy that will protect your property from termites and the damage to timber they cause.

The policy will cover all structural and decorative timber repairs or replacement, upto the value of $100,000. And, you do not have to pay an excess!

If you sell your home, the insurance policy is fully transferable to the new owner (an administration fee will apply for the new owner).

*Please note that conditions apply*.

Do you want to carry out a pre-emptive Pest protection for your home in Ipswich? Are you worried that Pest infestation can eventually damage your building? And for this you are seeking an affordable Pest services that will effectively carry out Rodent control Gold coast and Flea Control Gold coast.

For a complete flea management Gold Coast that follows all quality and safety parameters and not to miss a pest control service that is affordable, reach out to Enviro Guard Pest Management.

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