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What actually happenedCharybdis picked up vessels on its radar

None of them had worked together before.Germans had the advantage with their excellent radar chain along the French coast as well as good liaison between each vessel and a strong force of Elbing class destroyers to protect the convoy.HMS Limbourne at port anchor in 1943They also knew the advantage of sailing convoys in order to make the best of light and weather conditions, their tactics were to draw the attacking force away from the convoy.The British PlanThe convoy was to run close to shore where shore batteries could operate guns of 15 miles range.The British force planned a ridged column of 7 ships 3 cables apart at 17 knots, passing through established points to sweep to the westward along the likely route of the convoy.What actually happenedCharybdis picked up vessels on its radar some seven miles ahead, but it was not equipped to detect German radio communications.Meanwhile British Hunt class destroyer HMS Limbourne (another fated British destroyer) had its radar masked on ahead bearings by Charybdis, but picked up German radio transmissions indicating that at least six naval units were close by.These two vital pieces of information were not exchanged, so Charybdis knew that the enemy was present but not its numbers, while the other vessels knew that six enemy destroyers were close by, but not where.1.38amThe German Elbing T23 sighted Charybdis a few miles north of the Sept Isles off northerm Brittany. Charybdis had picked it up and was swinging to port but was hit by a full salvo of six enemy torpedoes.As the British destroyers came into sight wholesale nfl jerseys, they too were fired on, with Limbourne being struck before yet another torpedo tore into the Charybdis.ConfusionThe German force proceeded east, leaving the British in confusion. Both the senior officers’ ships were sinking and incommunicado and the rest were charging round at high speed..

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