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Just like I never going to not eat sweets again

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6 points submitted 18 hours ago

canada goose black friday sale I an RN in Canada (Southern Ontario) and it essentially the same thing here. I mean, we make dark jokes all the time to get through most days. and honestly it mostly tasteless stuff that would offend most people. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket However, circumcision isn seen as anything bad. It sad that it so incredibly normal and canada goose uk site that medical professionals have no idea of the impact it has. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose store There a severe lack of education in the general public and health care system. Nothing was taught in the older days (besides it cures everything) and these days nothing is taught at all. canada goose store

DrToazty 1 point submitted 11 days ago

Canada Goose online Hopefully the slit works out, if not, stress for a super loose circ with intact frenulum! I know it already pretty late, but there are ways to stretch the foreskin (link) without needing surgical intervention. The best sex toy you ever have will be the intact nerves + intact frenulum that come with the foreskin as it has a ton more nerves than the glans. Canada Goose online

canada goose I think you be pretty shocked at just normal masturbation afterwards with a functioning foreskin/gliding of your unit. Idk if I get into vibrations just yet, it be pretty dam intense. I don know the tightness of your phimosis, but if you never had the glans(head) of your penis exposed. A lot of the fleshlight and vibrations will be way too much to handle. Probably a good idea to start simple if this is the case canada goose

canada goose coats on sale A basic/beginner fleshlight might be an idea, I found these a little canada goose outlet ontario annoying in the long run though with the prep, cleanup and aftercare. But they do feel good. canada goose coats on sale

Also, the fleshlight quickshot is a pretty cool beginner toy. canada goose outlet uk It smaller and discrete, super easy cleanup. Works well, can work the head + shaft or isolate one or the other might be useful depending on how sensitive you be afterwards. I also used this on my shaft during anal/bj really is amazing for that!

canada goose clearance 2 points submitted 12 days ago canada goose clearance

Rtro Nouveau has a youtube channel and a podcast series about new and old games if that close enough.

And, I know this is completely different, but I focusing on Qubec French too, and I find the TV show Les Parent is pretty entertaining and has pretty natural Qubecois French they chat about cgeps, “blondes” etc. I also listen to Histoires d podcast, where they discuss everyday objects in detail, although that a lot less casual canada goose factory outlet toronto location in style (although still moderately informal it not like Journal en franais facile).

canada goose coats Of course, the best thing to do is to sign up to a class and talk to people in person. If you in Qubec, there are canada goose outlet in usa a lot of canada goose jacket outlet sale little academies that do evening canada goose outlet belgium or morning classes for like $50 a semester I think they get provincial funding. Outside of Qubec, canada goose outlet paypal there are classes with organisations like Alliance Franaise, although it may be more like $300 for a semester. canada goose coats

canadian goose jacket DrToazty 2 points submitted 11 days ago canadian goose jacket

Thank you for your suggestions! I checked out Retro Nouveau and it perfect for what I was looking for. Easy to understand and follow the conversations with the game reviews and canada goose outlet website legit what canada goose jacket outlet uk not.

I canada goose jacket outlet toronto added the podcast on Pocket cast, I give some a listen on my night shifts and canada goose outlet found the show on Dailymotion!

I thought about classes and all of that. but I feel like if I just put in effort in what I already have available I be fine. French family, volunteer in a French non profit (Club Richelieu) and so on. Just gotta break way from being shy and put http://www.canadagoosejacketoutlett.com in the effort and embarrassment of mistakes.

DrToazty 3 points submitted canada goose outlet online uk 12 days ago

canada goose deals Holy hell this is spot on. Making shadow word death a talent has had me mad since I started the X Pac. Ridiculous. canada goose deals

Canada Goose sale The mind blast void bolt problem is ridiculous. Fixed on all other classes, we waste a talent on it. Canada Goose sale

Multidotting that literally doesn work unless we take misery, whereas other classes get free baseline dot spread.

canada goose clearance sale We are forced into taking multiple talents just to FIX the spec canada goose outlet in chicago and make it workable. On top of that, they remove our longstanding execute and make us spend a talent if we want it back. We basically have no talents. canada goose clearance sale

b2m0k 140 points submitted 4 months ago

buy canada goose jacket cheap I ate real pizza yesterday. With real flour crust. I didn feel sick. canada goose outlet factory I canada goose vest outlet been having dreams about pizza for a few nights and decided my body was trying to tell me something. Today I feel fine and it was really easy to get back into my keto ways. Plus, bonus points I did not have any dreams about pizza last night. I don know if I just didn overdo it enough to completely wreck myself. I think keto is the healthiest way for me to live on a regular basis. Just like I never going to not eat sweets again, every once in awhile if I goose outlet canada want to have a slice of pizza, I going to have a slice of pizza. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Melee for Victor is somewhat fine now. Sure, 2h sword is still subpar and most canada goose outlet online reviews people I see still play Falchion but 1h Axe is really strong now and Flail is playable too. I guess most people didn get the memo yet that Falchion is still best in slot I first thought Falchion is dead after the nerf and switched to 1h Axe but I gave Falchion a second chance and hell, why did I ever switch. Also there Rapier, a strong choice if you know what you doing. So overall Victor is pretty balanced.

Canada Goose Outlet Melee for Marcus is Halberd and Halberd only. On every career he has. 1h Mace can work, but it has huge problems against multiple SV, even on Champion. Slightly more stagger for light attacks on 1h Mace canada goose outlet toronto location could help, or give 1h Sword more damage against armor, as that alone would add tons of mobility to his playstyle for the people that prefer that (like me). His weapon balance is non existent. 2h Hammer is rarely used because Halberd is so much better at killing armor and providing CC on top of that. Executioner is strong if used correctly but again, Halberd is so much better at hordes AND armor it a joke. What left? Shields. Okay, nothing is left. The result? Marcus is the hero that most people bring to lvl 30 last. “Champion of Taal” is canada goose premium outlet the least often achieved lvl 30 achievement. Marcus is just not interesting: He a boring human with one good but slow melee weapon Canada Goose Outlet.

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